NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card Benchmarks Leaked Online

Benchmarks of the new NVIDIA Titan V Volta Graphics Card have arrived. The numbers incorporate Ashes of Singularity, Ashes of Singularity DX12, Rise of The Tomb Raider – Max 1440p, Gears of War 4 and Superposition Benchmark 1080p Extreme.

The benchmarks have not been approved and have surfaced on Reddit, These are aftereffects of somebody posting benchmark brings about the Nvidia Discord. With its 5120 Shader processor centers and a 2999 USD the card unquestionably is indicating pleasant numbers, I set the Superposition Benchmark 1080p Extreme outcome set in our own particular table for correlation, you can look at the rest in by tapping the screenshot thumbnails beneath.


On the off chance that you take a gander at the outcomes from a GPU bound point of view, the card is a genuine lump speedier contrasted with a reference timed GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, however we need to specify that most AIB cards sold are timed quicker slice changed at defaults, frequently offering a decent 5% additional execution over a reference demonstrate and more than 10% when physically changed.

Shockingly, we can’t approve these outcomes as the genuine article, however in the event that you ask my closely-held conviction then yes, they beyond any doubt appear to be. I’ll leave the typical disclaimers set up for you to choose as far as legitimacy.