Nvidia Cuts GTX Titan-Z price by 37 percent

Titan Z

Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan-Z might be the fastest consumer graphics card on the market but it also is the most expensive one of the market with a US $2,999 price tag. According to latest report, Nvidia is cutting the price of the GTX Titan-Z down by 37 percent, putting it at “more reasonable” US $1,830. Unfortunately, this deal is limited to OEMs and not the retail channel.

Nvidia is probably pushing hard in order to sell as much GTX Titan-Z graphics cards as possible and with this price cut, it will give OEMs and system integrators a bit more breathing room for their high-end and very expensive systems.

While US $2,999 is definitely an overkill, allowing Nvidia to get a rather impressive margin, system integrators and OEMs will now have a bit more room for price adjustments now that the GTX Titan-Z is going to cost 37 percent less, or US $1,830.

Those still looking for the GTX Titan Z in the retail channel will still have to say goodbye to US $2,999, but Nvidia might make the same move for retail channel in the future.