Intel X299 Specifications Leaked Alongside i9 Naming

A table detailing the specifications of Intel’s X299 Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs has been shown revealed on the Anandtech Forums, showing some impressive boost clock speeds as well as a new Intel i9 naming scheme.
Rumours of Intel i9 CPUs are as old as the companies i3-7 branding itself, with many expecting Skylake-X to come with the new i9 brand name to signify the boosted clock speeds achieved with Intel’s Skylake architecture. This change in naming scheme could also be seen as a way to one-up AMD’s new Ryzen 7 series of CPUs.
This list includes CPUs that are listed for release in June, though there is also Intel’s rumoured 12-core Skylake-X flagship, which is listed for an August release.
Archtecture Cores/
L3 Cache PCIe Lanes Base Clock Boost Clock 2.0 Boost Clock 3.0 Launch
i9 7920X Skylake-X 12/24 16.5MB 44 August
i9 7900X Skylake-X 10/20 13.75MB 44 3.3GHz 4.3GHz 4.5GHz June
i9 7820X Skylake-X 8/16 11MB 28 3.6GHz 4.3GHz 4.5GHz June
i9 7800X Skylake-X 6/12 8.25MB 28 3.5GHz 4.0GHz June
i7 7740K Kaby
4/8 8MB 16 4.3GHz 4.5GHz June
i7 7640K Kaby
4/4 8MB 16 4.0GHz 4.2Ghz June


If this table is to be believed, Intel’s X299 CPUs will offer some impressive boost clock speeds when compared to their Broadwell-E counterparts. The two highest end models, the i9 7900X and the i9 7820 are listed as having a turbo boost 3.0 clock speed (single core boost speed) of 4.5GHz, which is huge for a CPU with such a high core count.

At this time this report cannot be verified, though it matches some previous rumours. Intel’s X299 platform is expected to launch within the next month, so we should know whether or not this is true soon enough.