GTA V now comes bundled with R9 290 and R9 290X Cards

Partners of Advanced Micro Devices have quietly started to bundle Grand Theft Auto V video game with its Radeon R9 graphics cards. At present, it is unclear whether the campaign is a widespread and a long lasting one, but it is now possible to get a free GTA V with a Radeon R9 290-series.

Newegg, one of the leading online stores in the U.S., is currently offering a free digital copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 with select AMD Radeon R9-series graphics cards it sells. PCPer web-site reports that bundling GTA V with higher-end Radeon R9 graphics adapters is a campaign organized by Newegg and graphics cards manufacturers, which means that the game will not be a part of AMD’s Never Settle bundle, at least for now.

At present Newegg offers select Radeon R9 290-series graphics cards with GTA V from Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Technology, MicroStar International, PowerColor, Sapphire Technology, and XFX. All AMD Radeon R7 and R9 graphics adapters also come with a free copy of Dirt Rally game.

AMD R9 285X

Keeping in mind that AMD is about to introduce an all-new lineup of graphics cards, retailers and manufacturers are interested in selling off the current stock as soon as possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that an online store and makers of graphics cards decided to run a promotion. What is unclear whether the same add-in-board producers plan to run similar promotions in other countries with other stores.