ASUS’ RX 580 Strix TOP has been pictured

ASUS’ RX 580 Strix TOP has been pictured, showing a thicker 2.5-slot cooler design and offering what is likely a large factory overclock.
At this time we do not know what the TOP model name signifies, though it likely means that this will be the model with the highest factory overclock in ASUS’ RX 580 range, especially when it says “overclocked edition” under the GPU’s TOP branding.
With this GPU’s larger cooler design, the RX 580 Strix TOP will likely run cooler and/or quieter than its RX 480 equivalent, depending on the heat output of this overclocked model.

Otherwise, this GPU looks very similar to its RX 400 series counterpart, coming with a similar external aesthetic and the same display outputs.