AMD’s new Flagship GPU Pictured!

We all know that AMD has a new GPU up their sleeve, but AMD has been playing their cards, quite literally, close to their chests, detailing very little about this upcoming powerhouse.

We know that this GPU will be using HBM and we are fairly sure that AMD will be announcing this GPU at Computex, but DICE’s Johan Andersson has given us the first official peak at AMD’s upcoming monster. Prepare for some nerd porn.

R9 390X Picture

From what we can see here we can now pretty much confirm that this GPU will be liquid cooled as we do not see a fan or much room for airflow. With the need for liquid cooling in the reference version, this GPU looks like it will be a hot one, though with the space saving achieved by using HBM, it may be very difficult to build an adequate cooler without a big enough PCB to bolt it onto.

Right now it looks like this GPU will be a 4GB card, which is rumored to have 4096 GCN GPU cores with AMD’s latest GCN architecture, which is believed to be GCN 1.3.

R9 390X

The GPU is will be a dual slot GPU, but sadly the picture was taken is such a way that we can’t really say more, while the leaked rendering may have shown a single HDMI port and 3 Display ports but we cannot confirm this until the GPU is officially revealed.

Johan Andersson says that this GPU is “This new island is one seriously impressive and sweet GPU. wow”, so hopefully this GPU will perform just as impressively on our test bench.