AMD Raven Ridge APU has appeared on SiSoftware’s database

An AMD Raven Ridge APU has appeared on SiSoftware’s database, revealing some early specs for AMD’s upcoming Ryzen-based APU lineup.
To start off, a lot of information can be gleaned from the CPU’s model name, 2M3001C3T4MF2_33/30_N, which using AMD’s known naming schemes suggests that the CPU portion of this APU has 4 cores, 4MB of L3 cache and base/boost clock speeds of 3.0GHz and 3.3GHz.
Moving onto this APU’s GPU component we find that there are 11 total Compute Units and 704 Stream processors. This is only 192 GPU cores fewer than AMD’s RX 460, though this engineering sample is listed as having GPU clock speeds of 800Mhz. At this time Raven Ridge is expected to use Vega GPU compute units, though this has not be confirmed.


The first M in this APU’s codename could be seen as a sign that this APU is designed for “Mobile” use, which is great news for those that want Ryzen powered Laptops or notebooks. The clock speeds seen here are fairly high for a low TDP part, though sadly we have no TDP information on this part right now.

AMD’s older roadmaps have suggested that AMD’s desktop Raven Ridge APUs would come with TDPs of between 35W and 95W, which means that both CPU and GPU clock speeds could be much higher in desktop APU variants.