AMD Radeon Fury X 3DMark Performance Leaked, Scores Same As Titan X


A proper in depth performance chart for the AMD Radeon Fury X 3DMark has been released. Thanks to Videocardz for revealing the benchmarks and performance results we have all been waiting for some time now.

The AMD Radeon Fury X 3DMark includes the HBM memory (next generation) which has increased the graphic performance and the bandwidth levels. It is the latest graphics card being released by AMD which facets the first ever high bandwidth memory Fiji GPU core.

The Fiji GPU computes nearly 560mm2 packed inside the 64 compute unit, AMD’s biggest chip to date featuring 64 stream processors. These following numbers will amuse you when you will think of it as a card meant for 4K performance. It had 256 texture mapping units, 128 raster operation units and 4096 stream cores.

AMD Radeon Fury X comes with the GPU die along with the HBM which saves space on the PCB which is usually occupied by GDDR5 chips. Both the GPU and HBM measure almost 1000mm2, which are allotted in the interposer die.

If you ask someone, who knows about all this, that whether TITAN X is better or Fury X you will not get a clear answer. Everyone will render that it depends. Fury X did way better when the FireStrike Ultra (4K) was up for performance test compared to TITAN.

Whereas when the resolution was dropped to let’s say 1440p there was no clear winner. Both performed almost equally with a minute margin of inaccuracy. The AMD Radeon Fury X 3DMark has 4GB HBM-1 memory across 4096-bit interface, 500 MHz memory clock and 1050 MHz core clock.


Chart Courtesy: Videocardz