AMD R9 390X VS GTX 980 Ti Performance Benchmark Leaked

We all know that AMD and Nvidia are soon going to release new high end GPUs, and with that comes more leaks than the Titanic. Today’s leaks come from Chiphell, a regular deliverer of such information, and as always we ask you to take all information here with a pinch, or maybe a spoonful of salt.

These leaks are regarding the performance of AMD and Nvidia’s future high end GPUs, the R9 390X, or Fiji XT, and Nvidia’s 980Ti, so let’s see how each of them perform.

R9 390X


Below is a block diagram of Nvidia’s GTX Titan X, showing the GPU in it’s entirety, with no disabled GPU cores/ shaders. This means that there is no more potential to be taken out of this GPU and that the Titan X is Indeed as far as Nvidia can go with the GPU.

This means that the GTX 980Ti will have to cut GM200 down in order to gain its lower pricepoint, the first and obvious choice is by halving the available VRAM from 12GB to 6GB, lowering the clock speeds of the GPU core and disabling a few SMM units (the GPU/ CUDA core count). Right now we can only guess at how Nvidia will decrease the performance of the GPU.


AMD R9 390X VS GTX 980 Ti Performance Leak



When looking at each of these graphs we can see that Chiphell have done their testing at 4K and 1600p resolutions over an average of 19 different games, so provided that these are true they showcase exactly how these GPUs compare.

In all test’s AMD’s R9 390X, Fiji XT, beats Nvidia’s current flagship, the GTX Titan X, and gives Nvidia’s cut down GTX 980Ti a sound thrashing, though not by an overly significant margin. Pricing of these GPUs will be a do or die situation for both manufacturers here.
AMD R9 390X VS GTX 980 Ti Performance Leak

AMD R9 390X VS GTX 980 Ti Performance Leak  AMD R9 390X VS GTX 980 Ti Performance Leak


In terms of power consumption Nvidia are the champions, with the GTX Titan X consuming 30 watts less power than the R9 390X, Fiji XT, though that doesn’t mean that AMD Haven’t done well here. Remember that AMD did perform better and have managed to consume less power than the R9 290X which it replaces, which is fantastic given that it performs so much better than it’s predecessor.


AMD R9 390X VS GTX 980 Ti Performance Leak

While everything here is unconfirmed, it does give us hope that the GPU scene will be set on fire with newer and highly competitive GPUs soon. We at OC3D as always will try our hardest to deliver any new information regarding these GPUs as it becomes available.