AMD FX-8370 Nearly Breaks World’s Clock-Rate Record at 8.7GHz on 8 Cores

The Stilt, a famous Finnish overclocker, has managed to boost clock-rate of the yet-unreleased AMD FX-8370 microprocessor to whopping 8722MHz, which is just 72MHz lower than the world’s record CPU frequency.

To overclock his eight-core FX-8370 chip to 8.72GHz, The Stilt had to increase the core voltage to 2.064V and used a system featuring Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z mainboard, 8GB of memory operating in dual-channel mode at 2218MHz, Asus Radeon R9 290X Direct CU II graphics card as well as liquid nitrogen cooling. The overclocker managed to boost default clock-rate of the FX-8370 processor (4.10GHz) by more than two times, an extraordinary result.

FX 8370

What is especially important is that The Stilt managed to overclock his FX-8370 central processing unit with all eight cores (four dual-core Piledriver modules) active. By contrast, the record 8794.33MHz frequency was achieved by an FX-8350 chip with only two active cores (one dual-core Piledriver module).

FX 8370 8.7 GHZ

While AMD’s FX chips are based on the two years old code-named “Vishera” design, stepping 0, revision OR-C0, it should be noted that GlobalFoundries’ 32nm process technology might get a little bit better than it was in 2012. As a result, it is possible that over time chips like the FX-8370 will actually beat the world’s record of 8794MHz.

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